Expertises on various grounds

Since 2010, David is associated member of the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts.


An eye to determine the state of conservation, the degree of ancient restorations and the authenticity of your metal archaeological objects.

  • Mediation – Arbitration Expertise
  • Authentication – certificates of authenticity
  • Design and planning of scientific studies related to fatigue factors of materials and their mineralization
  • Reasoned inventory of collections and annual state of conservation
  • State of conservation when moving works of art for insurance
  • Preservation findings during loans or bequests
  • Emergency response during a disaster
  • Solving problems related to the dissolution and migration of metal salts in aqueous or semi-aqueous media

When conditions dictate, the use of metallographic analyzes can be deployed to specify observations.

This way of proceeding results from a practical experience and makes it possible to control the observations.

Lepidocrocite invasion

Lepidocrocite invasion