David Cottier-Angeli is an artist who specializes in working with archaeological materials. His sculptures delve into the relationship between human objects and their interaction with nature, creating a unique and non-reproducible expression. Through a meticulous mastery of his process, he crafts artworks that defy conventional codes, inviting viewers to experience a sensory journey.

Cottier-Angeli’s sculptures possess an undeniable sense of individuality, contributing to their ability to evoke emotions. As time passes, the sculptures naturally accumulate dust, enhancing their dramatic quality and evoking a sense of romanticism. This deliberate juxtaposition of manmade objects within the artwork serves to emphasize the contradictions inherent in human existence.

In consequence, by repurposing recycled materials, Cottier-Angeli’s sculptures carry a vibrating essence from the past, conveying a powerful message. They invite viewers to contemplate the transience of human creations and the enduring impact they leave behind.

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