Patinas is a world on its own


Since 1990, the establishment of a complete service of restoration and maintenance of contemporary outdoor sculptures allowed a real control of various patinas of artists like:

Arman, Arnoldi, Arp, Arrieta, Arroyo, Asensio, Avramidis, Baron, Barrios, Barye, Baselgia, Bernucci, Berrocal, Bill, Bindschedler, Boltanski, Botero, Brazier, Caldas, Calder, Chadwick, Cornaglia, Corneli, Coronel, Coustou, Degas, Delahaye, Dine, Dixon, Erni, Ernst, Fernandez, Flanagan, Fleury, Folon, Frechilla, Gang, Geissler, Genzken, Giacometti, Gormley, Goudji, Guerbe, Gueyton, Genzken, Gusmão e Paiva, Hepwarth, Hiquily, Holzer, Horn, Huang, Klein, Kley, Kusama, Lalanne, Larsen, Laurens, LeParc, Leumann, Levine, Liberich, Lobo, Magritte, Manship, Manzù, Margara, Melotti, Mirò, Miyajima, Monopoly, Moore, Mueller, Muller, Newson, Noland, Nourry, Paladino, Panayiotidis, Plensa, Poirier, Pomodoro, Presset, Probst, Rabinowitch, Ramseyer, Reymond, Reynaud-Dewar, Richier, Rodin, Sandoz, Sarkis, Saura, Schmied, Schwartz, Shapiro, Smith, Stocker, Takis, Teshigahara, Tétards, Tinguely, Venet, Vibert, West, Wurm, Xiaoyan, Zabunyan, Zélikson and Zijlsera.

All these mineralizations with their shines and this characteristic “depth” of metals have been subjected to passivation treatments to ensure their long-term REACH compliance.

These assets are currently used for horological products, maritime and contemporary sculptures, thanks also to the development of “custom-made alloys“.