Patinas is a world on its own

Achieving Proficiency in Metal Patina Mastery

Through my sculpture restoration service, I am able to master various metal patinas, meticulously deployed on renowned artists’ artworks.

  • Arman, Arnoldi, Arp, Arrieta, Arroyo, Asensio, Avramidis, Baron, Barrios, Barye, Baselgia, Bernucci, Berrocal, Bill, Bindschedler, Boltanski, Botero, Brazier, Caldas, Calder, Chadwick, Cottier, Cornaglia, Corneli, Coronel, Coustou, McCracken, Dana, Degas, Delahaye, Dine, Dixon, Erni, Ernst, Fautrier, Fernandez, Flanagan, Fleury, Folon, Frank, Frechilla, Gang, Geissler, Genzken, Giacometti, Goda, Gormley, Goudji, Groenendijk, Guerbe, Gueyton, Genzken, Gusmão e Paiva, Hadid, Hepwarth, Hiquily, Holzer, Horn, Huang, Judd, Kingma, Klein, Kley, Kusama, Lalanne, Larsen, Laurens, LeParc, Leumann, Levine, Levy, Liberich, Lobo, Magritte, Manship, Manzù, Marco, Margara, Mavros, Melotti, Mirò, Miyajima, Monopoly, Montaigu, Moore, Mueller, Muller, Newson, Noland, Nourry, Paladino, Panayiotidis, Plensa, Poirier, Pomodoro, Presset, Probst, Rabinowitch, Ramseyer, René, Reymond, Reynaud/Dewar, Richier, Rodin, Saint Phalle, Sandoz, Sarkis, Saura, Schmied, Schwartz, Shapiro, Smith, Stocker, Takis, Teshigahara, Tétards, Tinguely, Vari, Venet, Vibert, West, Wurm, Xiaoyan, Zabunyan, Zanini, Zélikson, Zijlsera.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of the patina process involves deep metal mineralization, which significantly enhances its strength.

Consequently, all these metal mineralizations, boast reflective qualities and captivating metallic specific depth light reflectance. This undergoes meticulous passivation treatments.

As a result, these treatments not only ensure long-term preservation but also guarantee full compliance with the current REACH regulations.

In my relentless pursuit of quality, including the ongoing development of “custom-made alloys“, I aim to revolutionize watch manufacturing and other industries.

Patines sur sculptures et sur mouvements horlogers