Patinas is a world on its own


Since 1990, the establishment of a complete service of restoration and maintenance of contemporary outdoor sculptures allowed a real control of various patinas of artists like:

Arman, Arnoldi, Arp, Arrieta, Arroyo, Asensio, Avramidis, Baron, Barrios, Barye, Baselgia, Bernucci, Berrocal, Bill, Bindschedler, Boltanski, Botero, Brazier, Caldas, Calder, Chadwick, Cornaglia, Corneli, Coronel, Coustou, Degas, Delahaye, Dine, Dixon, Erni, Ernst, Fernandez, Flanagan, Fleury, Folon, Frechilla, Gang, Geissler, Genzken, Giacometti, Gormley, Goudji, Guerbe, Gueyton, Genzken, Gusmão e Paiva, Hepwarth, Hiquily, Holzer, Horn, Huang, Klein, Kley, Kusama, Lalanne, Larsen, Laurens, LeParc, Leumann, Levine, Liberich, Lobo, Magritte, Manship, Manzù, Margara, Melotti, Mirò, Miyajima, Monopoly, Moore, Mueller, Muller, Newson, Noland, Nourry, Paladino, Panayiotidis, Plensa, Poirier, Pomodoro, Presset, Probst, Rabinowitch, Ramseyer, Reymond, Reynaud-Dewar, Richier, Rodin, Sandoz, Sarkis, Saura, Schmied, Schwartz, Shapiro, Smith, Stocker, Takis, Teshigahara, Tétards, Tinguely, Venet, Vibert, West, Wurm, Xiaoyan, Zabunyan, Zélikson and Zijlsera.

All these mineralizations with their shines and this characteristic “depth” of metals have been subjected to passivation treatments to ensure their long-term REACH compliance.

These assets are currently used for the development of watchmaking products, maritime and decorative instruments.

These assets are currently used for horological products, maritime instruments and contemporary sculptures, thanks also to the development of “custom-made alloys“.