Teachings and presentations

– 1999 Participation in the training of master’s students about Ancient Metallurgy Technology and characteristics in Geneva.
– 1998 Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, teaching the manager of the metals conservation laboratory provided by the Swiss government to Hungary.
– 2006 Public silversmithing within the gallery of the Swiss National Museum in Prangins.
– 2008 Presentation at the MetalEspaña08, ICOM-CC Metals working group.
– 2010 Participation in the training of doctorates, Institutes of Antiquities and Byzantines, University of Fribourg.
– 2011 Professional adjournment course on Metal Restoration and Ancient Metallurgy Techniques provided to the conservators of the Vatican Museum.
– 2016 Presentation to the ‘Société des Horlogers de Genève’ of my deposited model for a robotic controlled showcase for Roman aurei and also for Vacheron Constantin watches.
Corrosion: the evaluation of potential standards is very useful to determine if a redox reaction can occur in spontaneous conditions or not. The chemical species that possess the highest potential tend to oxidize those with the lowest potential – from Wikipedia : Standard-Electrode-Potential