The beauty of metallurgical structures

Professional training

2019 SUVA Class A crane driving training
under the Safety Requirements Ordinance for the Use of Cranes

2018 Minimizing Bias in Forensic Decision Making
Dr. Iteil Dror, Cognitive Consultants International (CCI-HQ)

2012 SWISS EXPERTS – Colloquium on the Expertise-Arbitrage Convention
Based upon the 19.12.2008 Code de Procédure Civile, RS : 272), Art. 189

2010 Certificate of completion of the course on Ancient Metals, by
Professor David A. Scott from University of California, Los Angeles
Chair UCLA / Getty Conservation Program

2006 Certificate of use and manutention on fields induction

1989 Excavation in a pre-Roman copper mine – Timna (1 month)

1989 Restoration training of antiques metals
Israël Museum, Jerusalem, Israël (2 months)
Restoration of antiques objects in gold, iron and bronzes

1989 Conservation & restoration training of metallic archaeological artefacts
British Museum, London (4 months)
Cosmopolitan metallic objects

1988 – 1989 Archaeometallurgy course by R. F. Tylecote
Institute of Archaeology, University College London, Faculty of Science
History of the antique metallurgical technology

1988 – 1989 Certificate in archaeological conservation
Faculty of Sciences, University College London
Theory of the archaeological conservation

1987 Physical & organic chemistry course
David Games Tutorial College, London
Pre-university course

1983 – 1986 Jeweller
Piaget, Geneva

1984 Practice of the “peinture sur émail de Genève”
Monsieur Page, Geneva

1981 – 1983 Mineralogical and gemmological course
Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Geneva

1978 – 1983 Federal Capacity Certificate and Cantonal Certificate of Goldsmith – Jeweller
Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Geneva