Museum Rotary Display

Revolutionary Dual-Sided Mechanism: Where Watchmaking Meets Robotics

It’s a one-of-a-kind mechanism that seamlessly blends the worlds of watchmaking and robotics. Thanks to its dual-sided design, it can elegantly showcase small objects on both sides.

The process of inserting items into this mechanism has undergone a scientific study to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the artifact.

This mechanism is flawlessly controlled through a touch-screen interface, facilitating the simultaneous presentation of technical and scientific details. It has proven highly efficient in displaying items such as Roman coins and a traveling showcase for Vacheron Constantin’s top calibers.

Furthermore, this mechanism enables unified support for information from each side of the displayed items, including the use of two independent light sources. It is also designed to be child-proof, as all commands are generated from a touch-screen or a smartphone.