Marcus Aurelius bronze portrait found in Pecs, Hungary
Marcus Aurelius, Pècs, National Treasure of Hungary.

David Cottier-Angeli is highly specialized on metal conservation as on patinas.

Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

LinkedIn E M A: We have used David Cottier-Angeli’ services on several occasions to test ancient works of art for authentication. He proved to be very skilled in his scientific field, reliable and very professional.
It is also very pleasant to work with him. Definitely an address to keep !

LinkedIn Z V H: David is a highly professional person, absolutely possessing very elaborate knowledge and skill of his profession. His experience and thrive to perform at the highest standards shines through all his work. he is also a creative thinker. Our experience to prepare a proposal jointly for a world leading fashion house was a wonderful experience.
I can strongly recommend David to partner with, you will definitely not be disappointed.

LinkedIn L G M: Un des meilleurs restaurateurs de Suisse Romande avec une expertise très variée. Excellent service et respect des œuvres qui lui sont confiées. Nous l’avons recommandé a plusieurs clients de Christie’s a leur plus grande satisfaction.

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