Megalo Bulimus Musculus

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Megalo Bulimus Musculus

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Cast bronze with blazing effects for both partners!

The patina is skin-friendly, you can even drink Champagne in it. The bronze was hot waxed as a final finish to enhance colours and boost surface feeling. 14 large Tahitian Pearls terminate this unique masterpiece.

The shell is numbered and stamped, being unique.

The shell comes with a hand-tied Net, containing one small pearl as a repeating unique desire. It also comes with lithography to explain the best unfastenable knot. The synthetic rope is easy to keep clean and dry super fast.

The patina will evolve with the manipulations of the bronze just as a live sculpture.

People who try never forget the new feeling it gives and boost their libido. Wearable under most pants.

Suit all size – For special stoutness people, please tell me for a special lengthy rope.

2 Kg for pleasure!

Please visit also the dedicated website where you will find a historical approach to this extraordinary artefact:

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